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Parlor Concert

  • 01/30/2011
  • 2:00 PM
  • TBD

2010-2011 Parlor Concert Series


The Upper Midwest Flute Association, Inc. sponsors a series of informal member recitals throughout the year.  Modeled after Nineteenth-century Schubertiads, where Franz Schubert and his friends performed for each other in their homes, the Parlor Concert Series provides a friendly and relaxed setting for performers and audiences alike.  Concerts are held across the UMFA membership area in member’s homes; Parlor Concerts are the perfect venue try out a new piece or have a dry run before a recital or jury. 


UMFA has engaged accompanist, Jeana Ogren to play for these events.  An accomplished pianist, Jeana has worked with many flutists, maintains an active performance schedule throughout the Twin Cities, and teaches in and around the area. Performers may meet with Jeana at the recital location an hour before the recital to run their pieces. Performers are also free to schedule an outside rehearsal with Jeana at their own expense. (Jeana’s fees for the day of the recital are covered by UMFA as a service to its members.)  UMFA members are also most welcome to play works that don’t require a piano.  And while UMFA doesn’t guarantee treats after the performances, very often refreshments are provided, adding to the camaraderie and enjoyment of the events!

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