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Spring Scholarship Deadline for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental

  • 12/15/2020


  • UMFA membership required


Application Deadline for Spring period (Jan 01, 2021 - Apr 30, 2021) is now extended to December 15, 2020

 Scholarship Period  Jan 01 - Apr 30   May 01- Aug 31  Sept 01 - Dec 31
 Application due dates   November 15  March 15  July 15

Program Overview

UMFA’s scholarship program supports local flute students in their music studies. Students who demonstrate financial need and dedication to their musical studies may apply to receive scholarships to help cover the costs of private lessons, master classes, summer music camps, or instrument rentals.  Students of all ages and playing levels who are residents of the Upper Midwest may apply for scholarships.  

To provide further support for students, UMFA partners with the MusicLink Foundation and with Hopewell Music Cooperative North.  If students need instrument loans and/or additional financial assistance, they are encouraged to register with one or both of these partner organizations.  More information is available below.  

The UMFA scholarship program provides opportunities for students to apply for scholarships three times a year to cover musical studies during the periods of January 1-April 30, May 1-Aug 31, and Sept 1-Dec 31.  Students who have received UMFA scholarships will be eligible to re-apply for additional scholarships.  Checks will be disbursed directly to the teacher, master class organizer, or music camp with whom/where the student is studying.

UMFA’s Partner Organizations

The MusicLink Foundation is a national organization with a Minnesota chapter that helps to support low-income music students with the costs of music, instrument loans, musical supplies, and summer camps.  UMFA’s scholarship students may register with MusicLink in order to borrow flutes and receive extra financial support in their studies.  MusicLink takes instrument donations year-round. 

Hopewell Music Cooperative North (HMCN) provides underserved students access to affordable and high quality private lessons, ensembles, and courses as well as to safe and vibrant performance opportunities for community members. Hopewell commits itself to community building through offering instruction in music to ALL members of the community of North Minneapolis who want to participate regardless of ability or circumstances. HMCN accepts instrument donations year-round.

Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements

  • UMFA Membership: At the time of application, students apply for Master Classes/Camps/Instrument Rental must be current members of UMFA.  Students who need assistance with membership fees may inquire with the scholarship program coordinator about a possible waiving of fees.
  • Age range: Any age of students (including college students and adults) is eligible to apply.
  • Geographic area: Candidates must be permanent residents in the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or Iowa.
  • Playing level: Students of all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are eligible to apply as long as they demonstrate financial need and dedication to their musical studies in their documentation and letter.
  • Other scholarships: Students may be current recipients of other scholarships or financial assistance for their musical studies; they must disclose information about all other financial assistance (possible or definite) in this application.
  • Re-applying: Students who have received UMFA scholarships in the past are eligible to re-apply.

In the registration form, you will need to provide the following information and documents.

  • Demonstration of financial need
  1. School-aged students: If you or your student receives a free or reduced lunch, please attach a copy of your letter. 
  2. School-aged, college, and adult students: Please write a brief statement explaining your current financial hardship which compels you to seek need-based scholarship funding.

  3. A list of any scholarships or financial support you have applied for to assist with the upcoming scholarship period (e.g. another summer camp scholarship) and any scholarships or financial support you have received for musical studies in the past or for the upcoming period.  Please include whether you are currently registered as a student of MusicLink and whether you have been in the past.

  • Letter(s) from the student/and or parent
Guideline for letter from the students/and or parent

Applicants will receive notification of  results before the scholarship period start. For questions regarding the Scholarship Program, please contact our Scholarship Directer Sarah Weisbrod.

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