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This page offers a listing of member-submitted events happening in our community.

Posting Community Events

Do you have an upcoming recital, concert, workshop, masterclass, or other flute event you would like listed on our website and promoted on our social media pages? Submissions are accepted from current UMFA members of all ages and levels. Entries are subject to review for relevance to the membership and must be received at least 2 weeks prior to event date. Submit your entry using the form below or email event information to marcom@umfaflutes.org.

Submit Event

Upcoming events

    • 08/01/2022
    • 12:00 AM
    • 11/15/2022
    • 11:59 PM
    Application Deadline for Spring period (Jan 1 – Apr 30) is November 15th.
     Scholarship Period  Jan 01 - Apr 30   May 01- Aug 31  Sept 01 - Dec 31
     Application due dates   November 15  March 15  July 15

    Eligibility Guidelines and Requirements

    View complete Scholarship Program Guidelines here.


    • UMFA Membership: Applicants for Masterclass/Music Camp/Instrument Rental Funding must be UMFA members.
    • Age range: Any age of students (including college students and adults) is eligible to apply.
    • Geographic area: Candidates must be permanent residents in the states of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, or Iowa.
    • Playing level: Students of all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced) are eligible to apply as long as they demonstrate financial need and dedication to their musical studies in their documentation and letter.
    • Other scholarships: Students may be current recipients of other scholarships or financial assistance for their musical studies; they must disclose information about all other financial assistance (possible or definite) in this application.
    • Re-applying: Students who have received UMFA scholarships in the past are eligible to re-apply.

    Responses must be typed.)

    All applicants must submit the following materials.  If you are a repeat applicant, please note the recent changes in application procedure since November 2020.

    1. Application form (filled out online)
      You will need to provide your flute teacher’s name and Masterclass/Music Camp/Instrument Rental information in the application form.

    2. Optional Teacher Recommendation
      Applicants may upload a letter of recommendation from your current or previous flute teacher, school band director/music teacher, or other school teacher (if you have not yet begun flute lessons and you feel that another teacher can provide a more complete recommendation). Teacher recommendations are optional but will be considered in support of your other applications materials. 

      The optional recommendation letter should be uploaded as a PDF in the following naming convention: [Student’sFirstInitial][Student’sLastName][TeacherRecommendation]. 

      Example: JSmithTeacherRecommendation.pdf

    3. Demonstration of financial need
      • School-aged students: If you or your student receives a free or reduced lunch, please attach a copy of your letter. 
      • School-aged, college, and adult students:   Please write a brief statement explaining your current financial hardship which compels you to seek need-based scholarship funding.
      • A list of any scholarships or financial support you have applied for to assist with the upcoming scholarship period (e.g. another summer camp scholarship or lessons) and any scholarships or financial support you have received for musical studies in the past or for the upcoming period.  Please include whether you are currently registered as a student of MusicLink and whether you have been in the past.

    4. Letter(s) from the Student and/or Parent
      Note: Students under 18, depending on age/maturity, may either submit a single letter from the parent with all of the below information OR two letters, one from the student (about their dedication to flute studies) and one from the parent (about financial need and commitment to supporting student’s studies).

      Letters should be sent as a PDF in the following naming convention: [Student’sFirstInitial][Student’sLastName][StudentLetter and/or ParentLetter]. 

      Example: JSmithParentLetter.pdf and/or JSmithStudentLetter.pdf

      Letters should include the following information
      a. Financial Need:
      • How much scholarship money you are requesting.  Include both the maximum amount of financial aid that you would like to receive and the minimum amount that would make the scholarship useful to you. 

        (Note: The amounts listed will not affect your chances of receiving a scholarship.  Depending on available funding, UMFA may sometimes be able only to provide partial scholarships.  Each student and their teacher may receive a maximum of $599 total each fiscal year (July 1 - June 30).)
      • Why you need this scholarship.
      • A list of any scholarships or financial support you have applied for to assist with the upcoming scholarship period (e.g. another summer camp scholarship) and any scholarships or financial support you have received for musical studies in the past or for the upcoming period.  Please include whether you are currently registered as a student of MusicLink and whether you have been in the past.
      • Any additional supporting statements demonstrating financial need.
      b. Musical Purpose:

      Why your musical studies on the flute are important to you. 

      Please include the following: 

      • Purpose of the Masterclass, Music Camp, or Instrumental Rental
      • How this activity will further your development as a flutist
      • Duration of the activity (e.g. 1 week or 3 days)

      c. Instrument:

      Do you have a flute in good working order?

      If you need a flute, you may register as a MusicLink or Hopewell student (see UMFA Scholarship Program Overview).  If you don’t already have a flute, please include information about your plan to access one.

      d. Teacher Information:

      If you are currently studying privately with a flute teacher, or if you have in the past, please list the teacher(s) with whom you have studied and the time period you studied with them (e.g. Jane Doe, May 2009-Aug 2014).

      e. Flute Activities and Goals:

      Describe your/your student’s current and past activities that show your interest in and commitment to playing the flute.

      • How much time do you/your student practice each week (on average)?  Why are you willing to commit this amount of time to flute and music
      • What do you/your student expect or want to learn from your studies?  Tell us about your goals.

    Applicants will receive notification of  results before the scholarship period begins. For questions regarding the Scholarship Program, please contact our Scholarship Directer Sarah Weisbrod.

    • 11/13/2022
    • Schmitt Music - Bloomington Location (Opening Soon!)

    Join us for our 7th Marathon Flute Concert at the new Schmitt Music in Bloomington!

    This epic 6-hour flute concert is a fundraising event to benefit UMFA's flute student scholarship program.

    Flutists of all ages and levels, from beginner students to professionals, are invited to perform for an enthusiastic audience and support their local flute community!  We welcome all types of flute and all styles of music.

    Let us know if you would like to volunteer to help with the event (any amount of time before, during, or after the concert is appreciated).  Contact the volunteer coordinator at volunteer@umfaflutes.org.

    Tax-deductible monetary & instrument donations to the scholarship program are accepted year-round.

    Fundraising requirements

    All flutist performers must pay a minimum $15 donation to the Scholarship Fund to perform (donation is paid via your registration fee) and at least 1 member in each group (or the soloist) must be an UMFA member. Non-flutist performers and accompanists are not required to be UMFA members, but must be registered to perform. They are encouraged but not required to make the $15 donation.

    The minimum $15 donation per performer is paid via online registration. Additional donations can also be included in the registration.

    Performers are encouraged to spread the word about the program and find donors to sponsor them in the performance. Larger individual or corporate donations are welcomed as well. There are opportunities for donor publicity and named scholarships.

Past events

06/20/2022 Fall Lesson Scholarship Applications Due July 15
06/20/2022 Fall Scholarship for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental Due July 15
04/02/2022 Fourth Wall Show Single Event Ticket
04/02/2022 Azerbaijani Flute Recital Single Event Ticket
04/02/2022 Flute Fest 2022
03/11/2022 2022 Request for Proposals
02/26/2022 2022 Youth Flute Day
02/20/2022 Summer Lesson Scholarship Applications Due March 15
02/20/2022 Summer Scholarship for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental Due March 15
02/15/2022 2022 Laudie Porter Memorial Competition Preliminary Round
02/15/2022 2022 Young Artist Competition Preliminary Round
02/15/2022 Flute Fest Masterclass Audition
09/19/2021 Backyard Concert in New Brighton
08/10/2021 Winter Scholarship for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental Due November 15
08/10/2021 Winter Lesson Scholarship Applications Due November 15
07/01/2021 Fall Lesson Scholarship Applications Due July 15
07/01/2021 Fall Scholarship for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental Due July 15
03/15/2021 Summer Scholarship Deadline for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental
03/15/2021 Summer Lesson Scholarship Applications Due
02/20/2021 Flute Fest 2021
02/20/2021 2021 Rising Stars Masterclass
02/11/2021 Laudie Porter Memorial Competition 2021
01/15/2021 2021 Request for Proposals
01/01/2021 2021 Young Artist Competition
12/15/2020 Spring Lesson Scholarship Applications Due
12/15/2020 Spring Scholarship Deadline for Masterclass/Music Camp/instrument rental
12/05/2020 Marathon Concert Livestream Fundraiser - WATCH LIVE
11/17/2020 Virtual Flute Choir Entries Due
11/09/2020 Irish Flute Jam Session
07/09/2020 Beginning Jazz Improvisation
07/02/2020 Studying Phrasing Through Moyse and Mozart
06/25/2020 Shop Local: Support Your Local Composer
06/18/2020 Warm up class with Greg Milliren
06/15/2020 The Complete Flutist 2020 at the University of Minnesota
06/11/2020 If it's not working, try another way!
06/07/2020 Flute and Guitar Concert
06/04/2020 Immanuel Davis's Top 5 Flute Tricks
05/31/2020 Kuhlau, Köhler, and Telemann: Socially Distant Flute Duos with Adam Kuenzel and Immanuel Davis
05/28/2020 Finding inspiration in your warm-ups with Christina Jennings
05/21/2020 Pedagogy in a Pandemic: Inquire, Connect, Inspire
02/29/2020 2020 Honors Flute Choir
02/29/2020 2020 Flute Choir Showcase
02/16/2020 UMFA Parlor Concert in New Brighton
02/16/2020 FluteSpiration Quartet Benefit Concert for Autism Society of MN
02/08/2020 UMD Flute Day
01/18/2020 Minnesota All-State Audition Boot Camp
11/24/2019 The Musical Offering - Jazz and Romance
11/24/2019 Cabrini Flute Choir Habitat Benefit Concert
11/16/2019 Schmitt Music Flute Gallery’s 5 Year Anniversary Celebration
10/28/2019 Minnesota Bach Ensemble
10/26/2019 Minnesota Bach Ensemble
10/26/2019 2019 Marathon Flute Concert
09/20/2019 Paula Gundmundson, Resident Artist Recital
03/23/2019 Julia Bogorad-Kogan Workshop
03/23/2019 2019 Rising Stars Festival
03/23/2019 Flute Fest 2019
03/23/2019 2019 Young Artist Competition
03/23/2019 Mark Sparks Masterclass
02/23/2019 Laudie Porter Preliminaries 2019
10/27/2018 2018 Marathon Flute Concert
07/15/2018 Fall Scholarship Application Deadline
06/06/2018 Dalcroze Teacher Workshop
06/05/2018 Introduction to Suzuki: Every Child Can
04/29/2018 Parlor Concert - April 29 (CANCELLED)
04/07/2018 Flute Fest 2018
04/07/2018 Rhonda Larson Master Class
04/07/2018 Rising Stars Festival
02/10/2018 Flute Choir Showcase
11/16/2017 St. Thomas Chamber Winds Symposium
11/16/2017 Give to the Max Day
11/01/2017 UMFA Student Scholarship Deadline
10/28/2017 2017 Marathon Flute Concert
10/21/2017 Bemidji State Woodwind and Piano Day 2017
09/30/2017 Deadline for Marathon Flute Concert Applications
08/10/2017 National Flute Convention
08/09/2017 William Bennett Pre-NFA Convention Master Class
05/07/2017 Parlor Concert (05/2017)
03/25/2017 Flute Fest 2017
03/25/2017 2017 Laudie Porter Competition
03/25/2017 2017 Young Artist Competition
03/15/2017 UMFA Student Scholarship Deadline
01/29/2017 Parlor Concert (1/29/17)
11/21/2016 University of Minnesota Faculty & Guest Recital: Immanuel Davis
11/05/2016 2016 Flute Choir Showcase/Honors Flute Choir
10/29/2016 UMFA Marathon Flute Concert 2016
10/27/2016 FluteSpiration Quartet
10/23/2016 Encore Wind Ensemble - 20th Anniversary Celebration Concert
10/20/2016 Trudi Anderson & Bethel Chamber Orchestra
10/16/2016 Parlor Concert (10/2016)
05/24/2016 Paul Edmund-Davies
05/01/2016 Spring Parlor Concert
04/17/2016 Julia Bogorad-Kogan Recital
04/09/2016 Flute Fest 2016
04/03/2016 FluteSpiration
02/21/2016 Winter Parlor Concert
02/20/2016 February Fiesta
11/07/2015 Flute Choir Showcase
10/11/2015 Fall Parlor Concert
07/27/2015 Flute and Clarinet Camp
07/18/2015 Hopewell Music presents Alexander Technique with Tully Hall
07/13/2015 The Whole Flutists (High School)
07/13/2015 "Complete Flutist" at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities
06/22/2015 The Whole Flutists (Middle School)
06/17/2015 Flute Workshop at University of Minnesota Duluth
06/17/2015 Lake Sylvia Suzuki Flute Camp
06/12/2015 Free Flute and Clarinet Master Classes
05/30/2015 Alexander Technique with Tully Hall
05/17/2015 "Vernal Voices" with the Esperanza Ensemble
05/17/2015 Spring Parlor Concert
05/10/2015 Saint Paul Civic Symphony: Annual Mothers' Day Concert
04/25/2015 Flute Fest 2015
04/24/2015 "Nordic Journey" featuring Schaafritz
04/14/2015 Guest/Faculty recital: Christina Smith and Immanuel Davis
04/11/2015 Hopewell Music Cooperative North: Founders Day
04/10/2015 FluteSpiration Quartet on Music at Wayzata Concert Series
03/21/2015 Scotty Horey's "Signs of New Vitality"
03/21/2015 Laudie Porter Competition: Prelims
03/15/2015 Winter Parlor Concert
02/28/2015 Flute Choir Showcase
02/26/2015 Recital: Paula Gudmundson, Flute and Tracy Lipke-Perry, Piano
02/20/2015 Esperanza Ensemble: February Fancies
02/20/2015 Recital: Catherine Ramirez and Eva Beneke
02/07/2015 Flute Choir Day at the University of Minnesota Duluth
01/31/2015 Flute Marathon Concert
11/18/2014 Flute Masterclass: Greg Milliren
11/15/2014 Hopewell Music Flute Concert
11/14/2014 Lowertown Classic No. 7
11/09/2014 Fall Parlor Concert
11/02/2014 The Esperanza Ensemble presents: Surprises Old and New
10/25/2014 Hopewell Music Cooperative North presents the 3rd annual "Bach and Chocolate"
10/24/2014 Recital: Linda Chatterton, flute, and Matthew McCright, piano
07/16/2014 2014 World Flute Society Convention
07/10/2014 Sir James Galway in Recital
06/26/2014 Adam Kuenzel performs with the Minnesota Bach Ensemble
06/10/2014 Flute Spa, a week with Patricia George at Lake Sylvia Flute Camp
05/11/2014 The Esperanza Ensemble presents Music of Today
05/02/2014 Echoes of History: Osmo Vanska and The Musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra
04/27/2014 Parlor Concert
04/12/2014 Cavatina Duo, Classical Guitar & Flute
04/12/2014 UMFA Flute Fest with guest artist Jim Walker
04/10/2014 Pedagogy Chat
04/05/2014 Hopewell Music Cooperative North: Founders' Day Funder
03/27/2014 Composer Master Class I: Brian Ferneyhough
03/11/2014 Wilbert Hazelzet and Immanuel Davis, Baroque Flutes in Recital
03/08/2014 Deb Harris with the Concordia Choir and Excelsior! Trio
02/23/2014 Central Lakes Symphony presents Mozart's "The Magic Flute"
02/22/2014 Flute Choir Showcase Day / Honors Flute Choir
02/02/2014 Parlor Concert
02/01/2014 Nominations due for Honors Flute Choir
12/21/2013 Riverside Chamber Orchestra/Young Musicians of Minnesota Orchestra Concert
12/14/2013 Eiji Oue and the Musicians of the Minnesota present "A Tchaikovsky Spectacular!"
11/23/2013 Sandra Statz in Concert
11/16/2013 Patricia George "Flute Spa" and Concert featuring the Flutists of the Minnesota Orchestra
11/16/2013 Flute Choir Day at the University of Minnesota-Duluth
11/09/2013 2nd Flute and Clarinet Day at the University of Minnesota
10/27/2013 Winona Symphony Orchestra with Bethany Gonella, soloist
10/25/2013 Chamber Music Concert: Trio Matisse at Good Shepherd
10/19/2013 Hopewell Music Cooperative North presents "Bach and Chocolate"
09/28/2013 Dick Reed Memorial Concert
09/18/2013 Rhonda Larson in Concert
09/15/2013 FluteSpiration Quartet in Concert
09/13/2013 FluteSpiration Quartet in Concert
08/20/2013 Community forum hosted by Orchestrate Excellence
08/01/2013 Inspiration: Notes from the Head, Music from the Heart
07/27/2013 Riverside Chamber Orchestra/Young Musicians of Minnesota Orchestra Concert
06/07/2013 Drelinger Headjoint Company Annual Visit
06/02/2013 The Esperanza Ensemble presents Chamber Music of Justin E.A. Busch
06/01/2013 Ensemble 61, with Linda Chatterton flute
05/19/2013 Ladyslipper Baroque, with Barbara Leibundguth flute
05/19/2013 Spring Parlor Concert
05/11/2013 Minnesota Bach Ensemble Spring Concerts
05/10/2013 Minnesota Bach Ensemble Spring Concerts
04/20/2013 Flute Fest 2013: Stars & Rising Stars
04/14/2013 FluteSpiration Quartet Recital
04/13/2013 Hopewell Music Cooperative North: Founders' Day Funder
04/12/2013 J. S. Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 5
04/07/2013 Instruments for Peace - a Benefit Concert for Bright Stars of Bethlehem, featuring The Legacy Ensemble
04/07/2013 A La Carte Soloists, with Barbara Leibundguth flute
04/04/2013 The Schubert Club: Immanuel Davis and Tim Lovelace in Concert
03/10/2013 Flutist Shantala Subramanyam/ Indian Music Society of MN
03/02/2013 Flute Flash Mob!
03/02/2013 Flute Choir Showcase Day
02/21/2013 James DeVoll, Gustavus Friends of Music at the American Swedish Institute
02/20/2013 St Olaf College Dept of Music presents the International Contemporary Ensemble
02/17/2013 Bell'Alma Duo in Concert
02/17/2013 Barbara Leibundguth Recital
02/17/2013 Winter Parlor Concert
02/10/2013 The Isles Ensemble in Concert
01/24/2013 Musicians of the SPCO Concert
12/21/2012 A Slightly Wigged-out "Last Day on Earth" Holiday Concert
12/21/2012 Handel's "Messiah" - Musicians of The SPCO, MN Opera Soloists, MN Chorale, Hugh Wolff
12/20/2012 Handel's "Messiah" - Musicians of The SPCO, MN Opera Soloists, MN Chorale, Hugh Wolff
12/20/2012 (LO)MOMO perform at Cadenza Music
12/15/2012 Ode to Joy – Special Holiday Concert!
12/06/2012 Pedagogy Chat
12/05/2012 Haynes Day with Alan Weiss
12/02/2012 Pinchas Zukerman and the Musicians of the SPCO
11/16/2012 James Hall Recital and Master Class -- UMN
11/15/2012 James Hall Visiting Artist --UM Duluth
11/04/2012 Fall Parlor Concert
11/02/2012 Barthold Kuijken and Friends Concert
11/01/2012 Barthold Kuijken Master Class
10/19/2012 Hopewell Music Cooperative North presents "Bach and Chocolates"
10/16/2012 CANCELLED: "La Folia" Music for flute and harpsichord
10/13/2012 Native American Flute Workshop with Suzanne Teng
09/30/2012 Linda Chatterton, Flute, and Matthew McCright, Piano
09/12/2012 St. Olaf "Fundraiser Flute Concert"
09/01/2012 Time to renew your membership!
07/18/2012 UMFA Board Meeting (open to all members)
05/12/2012 Bell'Alma Duo Concert (Flute and Harp)
05/09/2012 UMFA Board Meeting (open to all members)
04/22/2012 Spring Parlor Concert
04/21/2012 Honors Flute Choir (Concert at 3:30 pm)
03/24/2012 PROJECT Trio and The Orange Mighty Trio
02/19/2012 Winter Parlor Concert
12/04/2011 Encore Wind Ensemble "Sounds of The Season" concert
12/04/2011 Flute and Clarinet Clinic and Concert
11/05/2011 2011 Flute Fest
10/23/2011 Parlor Concert
10/07/2011 Flute Recital - Dr. Melissa Krause, St Cloud State University
09/28/2011 Flute Recital - Catherine Ramirez, St Olaf College
05/15/2011 Parlor Concert
03/19/2011 Flute Choir Showcase
01/30/2011 Parlor Concert
10/03/2010 Parlor Concert
03/20/2010 Flute Recital presented by the Leibundguth/Witt Duo
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